Fraud and Asset Recovery

Is Your Debt Collection Problem Complicated by Fraud?

It can be difficult enough to track down and recover assets when the debt was honestly incurred and your collection efforts don’t involve a dishonest or evasive debtor. In many cases, you will encounter no difficulty in reducing your claim to judgment only to run into obstacles when you later try to reach the assets that can satisfy your claim.

If fraud and concealment on the part of a debtor present serious problems for debt collection and asset recovery, contact MLG .


Advising Clients From Anywhere in the U.S. and Around the World

With a practice focused on commercial collections on behalf of creditors, MLG  understands how to resolve difficult asset recovery problems in a wide range of situations:

• Proving fraud in commercial transactions and international trade;

• Identifying assets of the debtor;

• Tracing the debtor’s assets into the hands of transferees, shell corporations or successor entities;

• Showing that transfers by the debtor were intended to defeat the claims of creditors;

• Showing that assets held by third parties were actually under the debtor’s control; and

• Taking  action to prevent waste, concealment or further transfers of assets available to satisfy your claim.

MLG ‘s practice emphasizes the recovery of assets for the benefit of creditors anywhere in the United States or Worldwide.

For additional information about our ability to represent your interests effectively in debt collection problems complicated by fraud, contact MLG and we would be happy to discuss you situation.


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