Collections Q & A

Q. What is the length of time for a typical collection case from inception to conclusion?

A. The length of time to successfully resolve a collection case may vary considerably, depending upon the complexity of the case, the amount of the claim, the financial status of the debtor, and other factors.   If a debtor does not respond in a timely manner then upon the clients request a lawsuit can be initiated and may be entered in as little as (30)days.

Q. I have a Judgment against a business, but it appears that the business is no longer operational.  Is it still possible for me to recover on my Judgment?

A. The answer depends on whether the debtor business improperly transferred assets to third parties or insiders, or otherwise did not properly wind down its business affairs. In certain instances, a judgment creditor can pursue third parties who are holding assets of the judgment debtor.

Q. Is it possible to quickly resolve a claim without the time and expense of litigation?

A. If you would like your case quickly resolved, we will make every effort to see that this occurs.  In many instances, simply involving a competent  specialist in the collection process will result in a claim being quickly resolved.


Q. I am a business creditor located outside of the United States.  How can I pursue a debtor for unpaid invoices, breach of contract, or other business/commercial claims?

A. You have two potential avenues available.

1. An international business creditor located outside of the United States can pursue a debtor by filing a lawsuit in the county where the debtor has its principal place of business. Once a Judgment is obtained against the debtor, a judgment creditor can execute its Judgment by pursuing assets of the judgment debtor.

2. It may be possible for an international business creditor located outside of the United States to file legal proceedings in its home country. The home country judgment can then be domesticated in the state were the business operates.  Judgments from foreign countries must meet certain guidelines to be enforceable. Typically, it is necessary for the debtor to receive proper notice of the action and be afforded a fair opportunity to defend its interests. Assuming that these due process requirements are satisfied, the foreign country Judgment may be enforced. Once the foreign Judgment is properly domesticated, recorded and docketed, a judgment creditor can then execute its Judgment by pursuing assets of the judgment debtor.

Q. I operate a United States business that sold merchandise or provided services to a business in a foreign country.  Can you assist me in pursuing an overseas collection action?

A. Yes, we utilize a network of international creditors’ rights specialists who can pursue your claims and collect on your Judgment.

Contact MLG,  for additional information concerning the collection, litigation process and the circumstances of your particular case.

If you are an International business creditor with an unpaid debt or commercial receivable, contact MLG to discuss your case.  Our commercial collection firm has the experience, skill and ingenuity to recover your unpaid debts



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