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MLG, LLC was founded upon principles that still characterize its practice today. MLG’ s founders and colleagues established a strong foundation of integrity, innovation, pragmatism, flexibility and intellectual agility designed to continually meet the ever-changing business needs of our clients. These values form MLG’ s approach to providing quality  business advisory services today. MLG continues its tradition of excellence by working collaboratively with its clients, with respect and professionalism, and by integrating this philosophy into our client relationships. Our clients not only rely on us for our creativity, skill, leadership, decisiveness and high-quality work, but because they know we are solution-oriented firm and MLG gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

In today’s world of economic uncertainties, MLG has been meeting the challenges of an ever-changing business community. Unfortunately, as the demand for advancements in technology and innovation increases, the majority of businesses are not evolving to meet these new expectations.

At MLG,  we don’t just embrace these changes; we demand them. Our uncompromising standards, demand for perfection, and combined 50 plus years experience among our key personnel makes us the industry leaders.

MLG is a National Firm with a strong focus on Commercial Receivable Management, Pre and Post -Judgment Remedies and Corporate and Financial Services, whether it’s through diplomatic dialogue or commercial litigation, MLG provides solutions to your problems.

While change is clearly shaping today’s business environment, MLG  knows that our business philosophies will never change. Our values of integrity, ethics and professionalism will always be clearly evident as we assist our clients with their needs.

MLG embodies a philosophy of autonomy and accountability, mix this philosophy with distaste for mediocrity, and what you get is a firm of winners that take great pride in their profession.
At MLG we focus on being the best. It is our relentless pursuit for perfection that makes us the industry pace setter. Our staff, their abilities, and the systems we use are second to none. The identification and application of available resources provides for prompt results that our clients have come to trust.

We appreciate your interest in MLG and invite you to explore our services in the hope that we can earn the right to become a partner in your business.


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